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icon-data-servicesAnalysis and visualisation

The CWSLab enhances the research community’s model analysis and visualisation capability by bringing together a range of software tools for visualising and analysing data, with less need for specialist skills in high-performance and cloud computing.

From our Virtual Desktop, you can easily build and run experiments using a mix of software (CDO, R, Python) and new visualisation and analysis tools from the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) framework.

Our new CWSLab Workflow Tool uses the VisTrails software to create standardised and streamlined workflows for climate data processing—you can easily build and run analyses involving multiple steps, and capture metadata for improved traceability and reproducibility.

The CWSLab Virtual Desktop gives you access to:

  • a range of easy-to-use interactive analysis software and visualisation resources, including VisTrails and Ultra-scale Visualisation-Climate Data Analysis Tools (UV-CDAT), via a secure network connection;
  • dedicated scalable resources to develop and execute experiments, without the need for specialist high-performance computing skills;
  • a library of standard workflows, with access to CMIP5 model data products; and
  • improved metadata to easily search, share and run scripts and experiments using the CWSLab Workflow Tool.
  • Prototype compute-on-demand web interface to the Bureau of Meteorology SDM model (executing VisTrails workflows)
  • Prototype compute-on-demand web interface to the Nino34 model (executing VisTrails workflows)


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