Computational infrastructure

icon-data-servicesComputational infrastructure

The CWSLab relies on the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) facility, which provides the computing platform for modelling and analysis and access to a large (peta-scale) data storage installation comprising a number of storage classes, each with different capabilities and performance characteristics. Through the lab, you can easily use the advanced computing capability, data collections and data access tools that will enable you to conduct your research without the need for costly data downloads to local machines.

We provide interfaces to make it easier to use NCI’s High Performance Computing (HPC) services and access NCI’s substantial storage. Complex computational tasks can be executed using the Raijin system, while the NCI High Performance cloud provides a scalable platform for data-intensive tasks and workflows.

The two CWSLab interfaces are accessdev which is used to run the ACCESS Modelling and Simulation Service and the CWS Virtual Desktop which provides interactive access to a virtual machine with data access and analysis tools including the new CWSLab Workflow Tool.