More about ACCESS Modelling and Simulation

More about ACCESS Modelling and Simulation

To use the ACCESS Modelling and Simulation service you will need an account with the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), with access granted to computation time and relevant storage, and to be a member of the access group. First register at for an NCI account, then email a request to join the access group to

Full information about the ACCESS Modelling and Simulation service is available from the access wiki: (Login requires an NCI account ).

Rose/cylc GUI

The Rose/cylc graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easier to manage the code, setup and run of coupled model experiments. It improves version control, reproducibility and traceability. You don’t need to be a specialist to add new schemes to the model—simply set up a new panel on the interface.

Cylc also makes it easier to manage tasks—you can write scripts to check coupled model jobs have completed, and you can pause and restart tasks with ease.

Standard experiments

Through the CWSLab you can browse a library of standard experiments that can form the basis of further research and investigations. For example, the experiment library now includes:

  • instructions to help users modify the coupled-model climate configurations; and
  • examples for using the high resolution ACCESS-C NWP configuration for investigating extreme weather events.

The ACCESS Experiment Library (requires NCI login) includes the following standard experiments and test cases:

Climate experiment configurations:

  • ACCESS 1.0 and 1.3 AMIP configurations;
  • ACCESS 1.0 coupled model;
  • ACCESS 1.0 coupled model under Rose;
  • ACCESS 1.4 coupled model;
  • UM N48 standard test cases.

City/State Regional NWP (ACCESS-C) configurations (forecast only):

  • ACCESS-C : High-resolution limited area ‘city-scale’ models;
  • APS1 ACCESS City (aps1_access_c): Operational 4 km high-resolution NWP forecast city model ;
  • APS1 ACCESS City (access_c_vn7.8_1.5km): Research 1.5 km high-resolution NWP forecast city model;

Global NWP (ACCESS-G) configurations (forecast only):

  • APS2 ACCESS Global Domain (access_g_vn8.2_25km): Research 25 km-resolution NWP global model forecast;
  • APS2-development ACCESS-G N512 25km resolution Bureau of Meteorology research global NWP medium-range assimilation forecast suite; and
  • Operational ACCESS-G/R/C data collections archived under RDSI project rr4 at NCI.

Special-purpose configurations:

  • ACCESS Single Column Model.