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Accessing the CWSLab

The CWSLab has been developed for Australian researchers with an interest in climate and weather related studies. These include weather prediction and investigation of extreme events, atmosphere–ocean–land–ice interactions, climate variability and change, greenhouse gases, water cycles, and carbon cycles.

To get access to the CWSLab, you will need a National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) login with granted access to computation time and relevant storage access enabled. More information on accessing NCI services and facilities.

Contact the CWSLab for further information.


Terms and Conditions

Prior to accessing services provided through the CWSLab, users should read and be able to observe or adhere to the requirements, expectations and policies as detailed in the conditions of use of the NCI facility.

Other policies may be applied to data and intellectual property made available through the CWSLab. Users will be advised of these policies as required. Refer to the copyright policy for conditions regarding reuse of material from the website and CWSLab.

Contact the CWSLab for further information relating to the CWSLab terms and conditions of use.